2013 Promax BDA Global Excellence Awards Finalists

Art direction & design: Consumer or trade AD - Program  7 Days. «Karpov»

NTV  Art direction & design: Program bumper «Russia. Total eclipse. Title» 


2010 Promax BDA World Gold Design Awards 

Print. Logo  Logo  «Beyrut 82» Silver


2008 Promax BDA Design Awards New York

Typography On-Air «Turdykla»


55th Anniversary Promax&BDA Ceremony in New York City

Generation Of Gold  2005   «Eight and half of Eugene Primakov» Film title open Gold


2012 Promax BDA Global Excellence Design Awards Finalists

Art direction & design: Program/content ‐ campaign A series of popular science investigative films produced by Pavel Lobkov

Art direction & design: Program‐specific logo «Secret Show-Business»


2009 Promax&BDA World 

Print. Logo  Design DVD «Secret Missions» Bronze


2006 Promax & BDA International New York

Callendar of NTV Channel. Print. Logo Silver